Personal Page vs Business Page

by Social Media Goddess

When you are new to Facebook, it can be confusing on how to best market your business. You can use a personal page and then send friend requests to all your friends, family, and acquaintances… right?! No! A personal page is for a person and a business page is for a business, or famous person, etc. Facebook terms of service are very clear on this. And, it behooves your business to do it correctly for added SEO benefits. Your business profile page can be indexed (makes you found on Google search).


To create a new business page you can start from the log in page or if you are on some pages look under your name for a link that says create a page. It is simple to do. Read your options. If you are a small business, use the small business link. If you are a musician, use the musician link, etc.


Take the time to go through the steps to correctly identify and market your business. Do it once and do it right! After you have 25 fans, creat your customized id. This will allow your Facebook page id to look like this: rather than


There are many tricks and tips to help optimize your page. If you have more time than money, use google as your guide. If you are pressed for time, give me or another professional a call.  Many of us will change a lower consulting fee than the cost to make a page for you.