Left and Right Brain and How to Sell to Both

by Social Media Goddess

Left brain, right brain, how do they have anything to do with sales?

I went to a seminar in November where I first heard about left and right brain marketing. And yesterday, I read another article. This leads me to believe I may be able to help those who have not heard of this method.

First off, have you ever driven some where and when you arrived, you had no idea how you even got there? Or you are loading the dishwasher and suddenly you’re done? This has to do with the “old” brain or the left brain. The left brain is logical, remembers things, wants a good bargain, and holds most of our common sense.

Secondly, who has grabbed a pack of gum or magazine at the check out lane? What about buyer’s remorse? You really need another new pair of black shoes? This is the right brain taking over. The right brain likes instant gratification and the sizzling wow factor.

How do you get the left and right brain to work together in purchasing your product? A long-standing brand will appeal to the old brain. It may reminisce about the younger years and mom used to always serve Ore-Ida fries on Saturday night… “but the name brand is $1.00 more than the store brand” it starts shouting. The left brain says to abort mission and just go with the store brand.

*Idea! Having a coupon distributor rack on the door of the frozen food section may catch the right brain’s attention. Coupons that are 50 cents or less are often doubled at retail grocery stores. All of a sudden both sides of the brain are happy and Ore-Ida just got a sale.

Think about the money aspect for just a minute.

Store Brand fries $1.99

Ore-Ida fries $2.99

Ore-Ida coupon .50

Store doubling .50

Ore-Ida is only out that 50 cents per bag that must be paid out to that grocery retail when the company mails it back in. On the front side they have received their money from the initial order. Then, they have offered a good value and a familiar product to their customers. This enforces the brand’s reputation to the left brain and stimulates the fickle right brain. The grocery store has moved product, only lost out on 50 cents (that they doubled) because they will send in the coupons for their back side profit.

Figuring out to make your product appeal to both the right and left side of the brain is not that difficult. Make two categories, one for left brain and one for right brain. Decide the characteristics of your product or service that will appeal to your current or prospective clients and list in your columns. Use the two columns in conjunctions with each other for a winning sales pitch!

I would love feed back if you have any other ideas on this subject!