What types of pictures are good for Facebook?

by Social Media Goddess

A Facebook profile, whether personal or business, allows strangers to see a piece of who you are. It is your job to make sure they are seeing the best side of you. Many young people do not understand how detrimental racy photos can be. And, don’t even get me started on texting! This article is about personal pages.

The profile picture is a highly viewed picture on your page. If you are a professional business person, I would recommend going to a local photographer and having your picture taken. This helps doubly. One, you get a quality picture that does not include a beer, the beach, or your significant other. Secondly, it allows you to make a connection with another local business person. With the new Timeline you have the opportunity to do some big marketing. Do not sell your space to advertise for someone else (it violates Facebook TOS). Find a graphic artist or someone with Photoshop skills are create a billboard about you.

Any images you upload to Facebook can be seen almost one billion people, if you have the wrong account settings. Simple settings changes can allow you  the ability to regulate who can see your images. I recommend on friends. These settings are very important for parents! The other thing to remember is: just because you delete the picture off of your page does not mean it is instantly deleted on the Facebook server. Be careful and respectful of your images!

Do’s Don’t’s
Clear Professional Pictures Hold Alcoholic Beverages
Be Nicely dressed Have Steamy Photos
Minimal Make-up (unless that is your market) Put Your Pet as Yourself
Just You in the Picture Put Any Other Person or Business Down

I hope this helps with anyone wondering about Facebook Profile pictures. Please send comments or questions!