Building Your Fan Base Without Spending Money

by Social Media Goddess

Have you gone to one of those business pages with tens of thousands of fans? Did you wonder how they got all of those people to like their page? Facebook pay-per-click advertising can help. But, what if you have a very limited budget? Here are a couple of ideas that may help you.

Create a page that offers the user something for clicking the like button. This is a great opportunity to have coupons, whitepapers, or videos sent directly to your new fan. Coupons: measurable roi and the opportunity to woo a new client. Whitepapers: show off your expertise in a particular subject matter and collect the potential clients contact information. Videos: this can help with several areas like search engine optimization, having a personal touch to your marketing, and the ability to boost your Youtube channel.

Another way to “swap” likes is to participate in ladders. On Facebook there are pages designed to help small papes get more fans. You participate by liking the initial page (i.e. like2like, the snobbery, and more) then any promoters pages must be liked. After that you post on your status that you are participating in a ladder. Then, you post your page’s link on the comment section. And, finally, you like the other listed pages. Always check the rules to see how many they are accepting and expect you to like in return. Some businesses really can use this to their advantage. This does not get any new visitors to go to a landing page or fan gate but can increase your media presence. Also, follow up with these new fans to see if you can network in another way.

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