Apps for custom tabs on business Facebook pages

by Social Media Goddess

Customizing a business Facebook page with different types of apps is a great way to get engagement. The companies that make these custom apps are busy keeping up with the latest Facebook changes. But not all of them are created equal. Some of these apps, even the expensive ones have not figured out that images must be hosted on a secure site and not just on Flickr. Having pictures posted on image sharing sites like flicker will not allow them to be seen when someone opens up a custom Facebook tab. And, what will your potential client think then?

So what can you do? Many apps have free trials. Take advantage of these free trial to explore the options and different opportunities in each app company offers. Some of the apps especially the more expensive ones offer the user or no HTML coding experience necessary. These template-based options are not a bad idea at all. On those types it comes down to what you can afford. When you use 83 based custom app they use their own advertising on the bottom and you cannot remove it. Not a bad thing but be aware in advance.

There are several that I like as well as when I do my very own. Woobox offers an in-between option for people who do have coding experience and understand the rules of Facebook as well as some simple uploading of pictures for less experienced users. Involver is another one that has a free version and offers many options to non-coding Facebook administrators.

Remember what catches your eye and your potential customer’s eye, will help grow your business in the long run. So set a goal to implement apps on your Facebook page this year.

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