Pinterest Users Are Selfish?!

by Social Media Goddess

It’s all about me…

I was reviewing the website named Repinly. There are some interesting statistics on Pinterest users. It seems most users are using the social sharing platform to pin things that interest them. On any given day Pinterest users spend over 82% of their time pinning images to their boards. Only 13.3% of users like other people’s pins. And, sadly, commenting only accounts for less than 1% (.5%). So what does that mean to you, the business owner trying to capitalize on this new social media platform?

Picture Content

Have pictures that portray your company clearly and concisely. Using images to capture the content you wish to share. Not just random pictures, but maybe take the time to add your logo to the bottom corner (not so big it disrupts the image message). And what about image names and titles.

Names and Titles

When your user goes to pin an image on their board and the title auto-populates, what will they see? Misspelled words, random numbers that were given by your camera, or nothing? This may be something you have no control over and you need to chat with your web designer. Test your website’s images and see what information comes up on your board. Is it what identifies you and your brand? Although pinners can easily remove what you write, at least you got your brand name or message in from of them.

Close it up

Pinterest may or may not be your best marketing tool. Go through all your data, images, and goals before starting out. Plan your campaign. Follow through. And, analyze everything!

Visit: for more statistics.