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Building Your Fan Base Without Spending Money

Have you gone to one of those business pages with tens of thousands of fans? Did you wonder how they got all of those people to like their page? Facebook pay-per-click advertising can help. But, what if you have a very limited budget? Here are a couple of ideas that may help you.

Create a page that offers the user something for clicking the like button. This is a great opportunity to have coupons, whitepapers, or videos sent directly to your new fan. Coupons: measurable roi and the opportunity to woo a new client. Whitepapers: show off your expertise in a particular subject matter and collect the potential clients contact information. Videos: this can help with several areas like search engine optimization, having a personal touch to your marketing, and the ability to boost your Youtube channel.

Another way to “swap” likes is to participate in ladders. On Facebook there are pages designed to help small papes get more fans. You participate by liking the initial page (i.e. like2like, the snobbery, and more) then any promoters pages must be liked. After that you post on your status that you are participating in a ladder. Then, you post your page’s link on the comment section. And, finally, you like the other listed pages. Always check the rules to see how many they are accepting and expect you to like in return. Some businesses really can use this to their advantage. This does not get any new visitors to go to a landing page or fan gate but can increase your media presence. Also, follow up with these new fans to see if you can network in another way.

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What types of pictures are good for Facebook?

A Facebook profile, whether personal or business, allows strangers to see a piece of who you are. It is your job to make sure they are seeing the best side of you. Many young people do not understand how detrimental racy photos can be. And, don’t even get me started on texting! This article is about personal pages.

The profile picture is a highly viewed picture on your page. If you are a professional business person, I would recommend going to a local photographer and having your picture taken. This helps doubly. One, you get a quality picture that does not include a beer, the beach, or your significant other. Secondly, it allows you to make a connection with another local business person. With the new Timeline you have the opportunity to do some big marketing. Do not sell your space to advertise for someone else (it violates Facebook TOS). Find a graphic artist or someone with Photoshop skills are create a billboard about you.

Any images you upload to Facebook can be seen almost one billion people, if you have the wrong account settings. Simple settings changes can allow you  the ability to regulate who can see your images. I recommend on friends. These settings are very important for parents! The other thing to remember is: just because you delete the picture off of your page does not mean it is instantly deleted on the Facebook server. Be careful and respectful of your images!

Do’s Don’t’s
Clear Professional Pictures Hold Alcoholic Beverages
Be Nicely dressed Have Steamy Photos
Minimal Make-up (unless that is your market) Put Your Pet as Yourself
Just You in the Picture Put Any Other Person or Business Down

I hope this helps with anyone wondering about Facebook Profile pictures. Please send comments or questions!

Left and Right Brain and How to Sell to Both

Left brain, right brain, how do they have anything to do with sales?

I went to a seminar in November where I first heard about left and right brain marketing. And yesterday, I read another article. This leads me to believe I may be able to help those who have not heard of this method.

First off, have you ever driven some where and when you arrived, you had no idea how you even got there? Or you are loading the dishwasher and suddenly you’re done? This has to do with the “old” brain or the left brain. The left brain is logical, remembers things, wants a good bargain, and holds most of our common sense.

Secondly, who has grabbed a pack of gum or magazine at the check out lane? What about buyer’s remorse? You really need another new pair of black shoes? This is the right brain taking over. The right brain likes instant gratification and the sizzling wow factor.

How do you get the left and right brain to work together in purchasing your product? A long-standing brand will appeal to the old brain. It may reminisce about the younger years and mom used to always serve Ore-Ida fries on Saturday night… “but the name brand is $1.00 more than the store brand” it starts shouting. The left brain says to abort mission and just go with the store brand.

*Idea! Having a coupon distributor rack on the door of the frozen food section may catch the right brain’s attention. Coupons that are 50 cents or less are often doubled at retail grocery stores. All of a sudden both sides of the brain are happy and Ore-Ida just got a sale.

Think about the money aspect for just a minute.

Store Brand fries $1.99

Ore-Ida fries $2.99

Ore-Ida coupon .50

Store doubling .50

Ore-Ida is only out that 50 cents per bag that must be paid out to that grocery retail when the company mails it back in. On the front side they have received their money from the initial order. Then, they have offered a good value and a familiar product to their customers. This enforces the brand’s reputation to the left brain and stimulates the fickle right brain. The grocery store has moved product, only lost out on 50 cents (that they doubled) because they will send in the coupons for their back side profit.

Figuring out to make your product appeal to both the right and left side of the brain is not that difficult. Make two categories, one for left brain and one for right brain. Decide the characteristics of your product or service that will appeal to your current or prospective clients and list in your columns. Use the two columns in conjunctions with each other for a winning sales pitch!

I would love feed back if you have any other ideas on this subject!

Personal Page vs Business Page

When you are new to Facebook, it can be confusing on how to best market your business. You can use a personal page and then send friend requests to all your friends, family, and acquaintances… right?! No! A personal page is for a person and a business page is for a business, or famous person, etc. Facebook terms of service are very clear on this. And, it behooves your business to do it correctly for added SEO benefits. Your business profile page can be indexed (makes you found on Google search).


To create a new business page you can start from the log in page or if you are on some pages look under your name for a link that says create a page. It is simple to do. Read your options. If you are a small business, use the small business link. If you are a musician, use the musician link, etc.


Take the time to go through the steps to correctly identify and market your business. Do it once and do it right! After you have 25 fans, creat your customized id. This will allow your Facebook page id to look like this: rather than


There are many tricks and tips to help optimize your page. If you have more time than money, use google as your guide. If you are pressed for time, give me or another professional a call.  Many of us will change a lower consulting fee than the cost to make a page for you.

What Are Your Social Media Goals in 2012

January is here whether you are ready or not. Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are boating of millions of users. Those users are or can be your customers. Knowing how to reach them is important.

One of the first steps in scaling the mountain of social media is to have goals. Pick one platform to start with. Decide if you have the time and skills to create a customized campaign. Think about the effort that needs to be made in order to keep up with changes that are not always announced. How do you adapt to the new Facebook Timeline or revamped Twitter pages.

If you are able to create and manage the campaign yourself, great. Pick two goals. They can be increase my fans by 10% each month or have a higher engagement rate or run my first contest. Set up a calendar and plot when and what you will accomplish on which days. I find once it is in my calendar, I “have” to complete the task. Remember plans can and do change along the way.

Don’t be discouraged, not every goal is achievable.

Plan ahead.

Use short and sweet posts.

Don’t overpost, no one wants to know everything you do.

Give other people credit.

Give more information, than commercials.

Happy New Year!


*If you need help with any type of campaign please feel free to contact me.

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